Battle of Sohr, 30 September 1745

Battle in War of the Austrian Succession, between the Prussians under Frederick the Great, and the Austrians, led by Charles of Lorraine. Frederick was withdrawing towards Silesia, when the Austrians, aided by the slowness of his movement, were able to block his path at Sohr. The Austrians were able to launch a surprise attack on Frederick's camp, and it was to Frederick's great credit that he was able to form up his army in time to avoid disaster. The Austrians were able to capture a hill overlooking Frederick's position, where they placed artillery, which threatened to destroy Frederick's army. In response, Frederick concentrated his entire attack on the hill, which he eventually recaptured, after which he was able to relieve the pressure on the rest of his army. The Austrians were forced back, leaving Frederick free to return to Silesia.
How to cite this article: Rickard, J. (5 November 2000), Battle of Sohr, 30 September 1745,

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