Siege of Orleans, September 1428 to May 1429

One of the pivotal events of the Hundred Years War. Orleans was held by supporters of the dauphin, and the English, led by Thomas Montagu, 4th earl of Salisbury, and then by William de la Pole, 4th earl of Suffolk, besieged the city for eight months, before the defenders were relieved by the French, led by Joan of Arc.
Siege Warfare during the Hundred Years War – Once More into the Breach, Peter Hoskins. Looks at the vast array of sieges of castles and towns during the Hundred Years War, a war most famous for a handful of English battlefield victories, but that was dominated by the siege, from Calais to Orleans. Looks at the nature of fortifications, how sieges were conducted (and how that changed during this period), and the rise of gunpowder artillery, and in particular the impressive French royal siege train, which helped blast away the English positions in Normandy and Aquitaine in surprisingly short period at the end of the war. (Read Full Review)
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