Battle of Newtonia, 30 September 1862

A minor battle in southern Missouri. At the end of 1862, a Confederate counterattack into Missouri from Arkansas was being planned. The advance guard of that army had reached Newtonia, Missouri. That force, under Colonel Joseph O. Shelby, consisted of 2,000 Missourian cavalry, eager to re-conquer their home state, and a force of Native American under Colonel Douglas H. Cooper.

On 30 September a column of Federal troops from Kansas, on their way to reinforce General Schofield, encountered part of the Confederate force at Newtonia. After a short period of Federal success, Confederate reinforcements arrived, and forced the Federal commander, General Frederick Salomon, into a rapid retreat, only ending after they had pulled back ten miles.

Learning of this, Schofield marched to help his reinforcements. On 4 October the combined force reappeared at Newtonia. The Confederates abandoned the position. Cooper and the Native Americans attempted to retreat west to the Indian Territory, but on 22 October they were overhauled by a Federal force under General Blunt at Old Fort Wayne, and badly defeated.

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