Battle of Montgomery, 17 September 1644

The largest battle of the Civil War in Wales, fought to gain control of the town and castle of Montgomery, which controlled access to mid Wales. The castle was held for the King by Lord Herbert of Chirbury, although with little enthusiasm, and when a parliamentary force under Sir Thomas Myddleton occupied the town, Herbert surrendered the castle to them (5 September). Within days, Sir Michael Ernley gathered together a royalist force, which managed to surprise the parliamentarians, who were split, with 500 infantry remaining under siege in the castle, and Myddleton escaping to Shrewsbury, where he raised a force of 3,000 men, and returned to Montgomery. The Royalists meanwhile, had increased their force to somewhere between 4,000-5,000. The two sides met on 17 September 1644, probably close to the River Camlad. The Royalists had the best of the initial fighting, but for unclear reasons the parliamentarians were able to regroup, and after only an hour of fighting, the Royalists were in flight, securing Parliaments control of the castle.
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