Battle of Jalandhar, 5 February 1298

The battle of Jalandhar (modern Jullundu) of 5 February 1298 was the first of a series of four major battles that dramatically reduced the Mongol threat to the Delhi sultanate.

The battle came two years after 'Ala al-Din Khalji had seized the throne of Delhi after murdering his uncle. The Mongol horde, said to be 100,000 strong, was under the command of Kadar. It was opposed by an Indian army lead by 'Ala al-Din's brother Ulugh Khan and his general Zafar Khan.

The battle ended with a victory for the forces of the Sultanate, and a Mongol retreat. News of the victory was greeted with great rejoicing at Delhi, but the amount of credit that was given to Zafar Khan began to worry 'Ala al-Din. In the next year, at the battle of Kili, the Sultan failed to support Zafar Khan, and he was surrounded and killed by the Mongols.

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