Seventh battle of the Isonzo, 14-17 September 1916

The seventh battle of the Isonzo was the first of three short-lived offensives launched on the Isonzo front in the autumn of 1916. The sixth battle, in August, had produced a clear Italian victory, and the capture of Gorizia, on the eastern bank of the Isonzo.

The seventh battle was launched by the Italian Third Army of fourteen divisions, supported by 966 guns and 584 mortars. They faced the Austrian Fifth Army, with 101 battalions (the rough equivalent of eight Austro-Hungarian divisions), supported by 409 guns.

The Italian attack was preceded by an artillery bombardment that included some poisoned gas. At 9.00 a.m. the Italians attacked along a six mile front. The initial attack made some progress, but most of the ground taken on the first day was recovered by the Austrians by the end of the second day.

On 16 September the Italians captured San Grado di Merna, before on 17 September General Cadorna cancelled the offensive. The Italians suffered 17,000 casualties during the four day battle, while capturing 4,500 POWs. The fighting would begin against on 10 October (Eighth battle of the Isonzo).

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