11th Battle of Isonzo, 18 August-15 September 1917 (Italy/Austria)

Battle on the Italian front during the First World War. The Italians launched a two pronged attack on the Isonzo front. The southern prong failed to make any advance, but the northern prong captured the Bainsizza Plateau in the centre of the line, while the Austrian army suffered so much damage that the Austrians were forced to call on the Germans for aid, relinquishing what little control over their own fate they had retained.
Caporetto and the Isonzo Campaign, The Italian Front 1915-1918, John Macdonald with Zeljko Cimprié. An excellent study of the First World War on the Italian front, focusing on the twelve battles of the Isonzo, one of the most costly campaigns of the entire war. A good background to the campaign is followed by useful accounts of each of the battles, something quite difficult to find. [read full review]
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coverThe First World War , John Keegan. An excellent narrative history of the First World War, especially strong on the buildup to war. Good on detail without losing the overall picture. Keegan keeps to a factual account of the war, leaving out the judgement calls that dominate some books. [see more]
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