Battle of Hohenfridberg, 4 June 1745

Battle in War of Austrian Succession between Prussians under Frederick the Great, and Austrians under Charles of Lorraine. The Austrian army had crossed from Bohemia into Silesia, in an attempt to reconquer the province. Frederick, who desired battle, allowed the Austrians over the passes into Silesia, before blocking their path at Hohenfriedberg. The Austrian army had become over-stretched on the march, and the vanguard had already been beaten when Charles arrived on the field, although the Prussians had not yet formed their line. Charles, as was normal for him, failed to take the chance this offered, and the Prussians were able to fill the gaps in their line, while also attacking the weakened Austrian right, where their defeated vanguard should have been, turning their entire line, at which point the Austrians fell back towards the passes. Now it was Frederick's turn to hesitate, and his failure to pursue the scattered Austrian army let them get back into Bohemia, although over ten thousand men weaker than when they had started.
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