Battle of Hochst, 20 June 1622

Battle during Thirty Years War. The joint Spanish-Bavarian army under Cordoba and Tilly was attempting to stop the junction of Christian of Brunswick and Mansfeld. They were able to intercept Christian before he could cross the River Main at Hochst. Christian had between 12,000 and 15,000 men, lightly armed but with good cavalry, but more importantly was carrying a great treasure he had managed to collect from the areas he had crossed. Meanwhile, Mansfeld needed both reinforcements and money. Against overwhelming odds, Christian managed to force his way across the river and escape to make his junction with Mansfeld, for the loss of 2,000 men. At the time, both sides saw this as a Spanish-Bavarian victory, won because of the foolish impetuosity of Christian, but it was actually a triumph for Christian, who had managed to extact the bulk of his army from a very tricky situation.

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