Battle of Gotland, 11 September 1563

The battle of Gotland, 11 September 1563, was an inconclusive clash during the Nordic Seven Years War. It was fought between a Swedish fleet that probably contained twenty seven ships (but may have been as small as eighteen or as large as forty) and a combined fleet from Denmark and Lübeck that contained thirty three ships. The Danish fleet had been at sea since early August, protecting the German coast against Swedish pirates.

The two fleets clashed on 11 September. Although only thirteen Swedish ships were engaged, the allies were unable to take advantage. Indeed the Danish vice-admiral Bille was killed in the fighting. Darkness ended the battle before either side could claim a real advantage. Both fleets returned to port after the battle. The Swedish fleet remaining in port until the next spring while the Danish fleet returned to sea until the winter storms forced the elderly admiral Peder Skram back to port. Both admirals were punished by their monarchs. Skram was removed from command of the fleet, while his Swedish counterpart Jakob Bagge lost one year’s pay.

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