Battle of Fontenoy, 11 May 1745 (Belgium)

Battle during the War of the Austrian Succession between a 70,000 strong French army led by Marshal Maurice de Saxe, and a 50,000 strong British, Dutch and Hanoverian army led by the Duke of Cumberland. The allied army was marching to the relief of Tournai when they met the French army, which blocked their advance. The Dutch started the battle with an attack on the French centre, followed by the rest of the allied army, leading to a general engagement. The decisive moment was an attack by a Irish force in the French army, which helped break the allied defence, forcing them to retreat. Cumberland was able to keep his army together, and they retired with limited losses. This defeat marked the end of English involvement on the continent during the war, and Cumberland was soon withdrawn to deal with the second Jacobite Rebellion (the 45).
How to cite this article: Rickard, J. (22 October 2000), Battle of Fontenoy, 11 May 1745,

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