Battle of Fleurus, 29 August 1622

Battle during Thirty Years War. Ernst von Mansfeld and Christian of Brunswick, marching to relieve the siege of Bergen op Zoom, found their march blocked at Lutter by the Imperial army of Gonzalez de Cordoba. The battle was won by Christian of Brunswick, who after five charges was able to break through the imperial lines, allowing the rest of the army to march on towards Bergen, which they reached just in time to save the fort. Christian himself received a wound in the arm that resulted in an amputation, carried out in front of the army in a characteristic display of courage.

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The Thirty Years War , C.V.Wedgewood. Despite its age (first published in 1938), this is still one of the best english language narratives of this most complex of wars, tracing the intricate dance of diplomacy and combat that involved all of Europe in the fate of Germany.
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