Battle of Dessau, 25 April 1626 (Germany)

Battle in Thirty Years War between a protestant army under Ernst von Mansfeld and the Imperial army under Albrecht von Wallenstein. Wallenstein had carefully fortified the bridge over the Elbe at Dessau, using some of the most modern artillery yet seen with prepared positions for his troops. The reputation of both generals was at stake - Mansfeld after previous failures, Wallenstein as an inexperienced commander. Mansfeld launched an attack on the bridge without taking account of the strength of the fortifications, and was beaten back with heavy losses, and left the field with only 8,000 of the 12,000 men he had started the day with. The victory helped secure Wallenstein's position at the Imperial court.

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The Thirty Years War , C.V.Wedgewood. Despite its age (first published in 1938), this is still one of the best english language narratives of this most complex of wars, tracing the intricate dance of diplomacy and combat that involved all of Europe in the fate of Germany.
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