Battle of Crastus, c.465 BC

The battle of Crastus (c.465 BC) took place in the period between the removal of several Tyrants on Sicily and the establishment of a period of peace, and was fought between Akragas on one side and the inhabitants of the town of Crastus and their allies from Himera and Gela on the other. The battle is only mentioned in the Oxyrhynchus Papyrus 665, a fragment of an overview of the history of Sicily. The location of Crastus is unknown, but the known participants came from different parts of Sicily. Akragas was in the middle of the south coast. Gela is further east along the same coast, but Himera is on the north coast. The date is unclear, but other events in the same fragment suggest that it refers to a period soon after Syracuse had overthrown her own tyrants. The result of the battle is unstated.

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