The Armies at the Battle of Shiloh

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Union Army

Army of the Tennessee: Brigadier-General Ulysses S. Grant

First Division: Major-General John A. McClernand
First Brigade: Colonel A.M. Hare (wounded), Colonel M.M. Croker
8th Illinois: Captain James M. Ashmore (wounded), Captain William H. Harvey (killed), Captain R.H. Sturgess
18th Illinois: Major Samuel Eaton (wounded), Captain Daniel H. Brush (wounded), Captain William J. Dillon (killed), Captain J.J. Anderson
11th Iowa: Lieutenant-Colonel William Hall
13th Iowa: Colonel Marcellus M. Croker
Battery D, 2d Illinois Artillery: Captain James P. Timony
Second Brigade: Colonel C. Carroll Marsh
11th Illinois: Lieutenant-Colonel T. E. G. Ransom (wounded), Major Garret Nevins (wounded), Captain Lloyd D. Waddell, Major Garrey Nevins
20th Illinois: Lieutenant-Colonel Evan Richards (wounded), Captain Orton Frisbie
45th Illinois: Colonel John E. Smith
48th Illinois: Colonel Isham N. Haynie (wounded), Major Manning Mayfield
Third Brigade: Colonel Julius Raith (mortally wounded), Lieutenant-Colonel Enos P. Wood, Colonel C. Carroll Marsh
17th Illinois: Lieutenant-Colonel Enos P. Wood, Francis M. Smith
29th Illinois: Lieutenant-Colonel Charles M. Ferrell
43rd Illinois: Lieutenant-Colonel Adolph Engelmann
49th Illinois: Lieutenant-Colonel Phineas Pease
Compary Illinois Cavalry: Captain E. Carmichael
Stewart's Company, Illinois Cavalry: Lieutenant Ezra King
D, 1st Illinois Artillery: Captain Edward McAllister (wounded)
E, 2nd Illinois Artillery: Lieutenant George L. Nispel
14th Ohio Battery: Captain J.B. Burrows (wounded)
Second Division: Brigadier-General W. H. L. Wallace (mortally wounded), Colonel James M. Tuttle
First Brigade: Colonel James M. Tuttle
2nd Iowa: Lieutenant-Colonel James Baker
7th Iowa: Lieutenant-Colonel James C. Parrott
12th Iowa: Colonel Joseph J. Woods (wounded), Captain Samuel R. Edgington
14th Iowa: Colonel William T. Shaw
Second Brigade: General John McArthur (wounded), Colonel Thomas Morton
9th Illinois: Colonel August Mersy
12th Illinois: Lieutenant-Colonel Augustus L. Chetlain, Captain James R. Hugunin
81st Ohio: Colonel Thomas Morton
13th Missouri: Colonel Crafts J. Wright
14th Missouri (Birge's Sharp-shooters): Colonel B. S. Compton
Third Brigade: Colonel Thomas W. Sweeny (wounded), Colonel Silas D. Baldwin
8th Iowa: Colonel James L. Geddes (wounced and captured)
7th Illinois: Major Richard Rowett
50th Illinois: Colonel Moses M. Bane (wounded)
52nd Illinois: Major Henry Stark, Captain Edwin A. Bowen
57th Illinois: Colonel Silas D. Baldwin, Lieutenant-Colonel F. J. Hurlbat
58th Illinois: Colonel William F. Lynch (captured)
C, 2d and I, 4th U.S.: Lieutenant James Powell
A and B, 2nd Illinois: Captains John R. Hotaling and Thomas J. Larrison
A, 1st Illinois: Lieutenant Peter P. Wood
D, 1st Missouri: Captain Henry Richardson
H, 1st Missouri: Captain Frederick Welker
K, 1st Missouri: Captain George H. Stone
Third Division: Major-General Lew Wallace
First Brigade: Colonel Morgan L. Smith
11th Indiana: Colonel G. F. McGinnis
24th Indiana: Colonel Alvin P. Hovey
8th Missouri: Lieutenant-Colonel James Peckham
Second Brigade: Colonel John M. Thayer
23rd Indiana: Colonel W. L. Sanderson
1st Nebraska: Lieutenant-Colonel William D. McCord
56th Ohio (at Crump's Landing): Colonel Peter Kinney
58th Ohio: Colonel Valentine Bausenwein
Third Brigade: Colonel Charles Whittlesey
20th Ohio: Lieutenant-Colonel Manning F. Force
68th Ohio (at Crump's Landing): Colonel S. H. Steedman
76th Ohio: Colonel Charles R. Woods
78th Ohio: Colonel M. D. Leggett
9th Indiana Battery: Captain N. S. Thompson
I, 1st Missouri: Lieutenant Charles H. Thurber
3rd Battalion, 11th Illinois: Major James F. Johnson
3rd Battalion, 5th Ohio: Major C. S. Hayes
Fourth Division: Brigadier-General Stephen A. Hurlbut
First Brigade: Colonel N. G. Williams (wounded), Colonel Isaac C. Pugh
28th Illinois: Colonel A. K. Johnson
32nd Illinois: Colone John Logan (wounded)
41st Illinois: Colonel Isaac C. Pugh, Lieutenant-Colonel Ansel Tupper (killed), Major John Warner, Captain John H. Nale
3rd Iowa: Major William M. Stone (captured), Lieutenant G. W. Crosley
Second Brigade: Colonel James C. Veatch
14th Illinois: Colonel Cyrus Hall
15th Illinois: Lieutenant-Colonel E. F. W. Ellis (killed), Captain Louis D. Kelley, Lieutenant-Colonel William Cam
46th Illinois: Colonel John A. Davis (wounded), Lieutenant-Colonel John Jones
25th Indiana: Lieutenant Colone William H. Morgan (wounded), Major John W. Foster
Third Brigade: Brigadier-GEneral Jacob G. Lauman
31st Indiana: Colonel Charles Cruft (wounded), Lieutenant-Colonel John Osborn
44th Indiana: Colonel Hugh B. Reed
17th Kentucky: Colonel John H. McHenry, Jr.
25th Kentucky: Lieutenant-Colonel B. H. Bristow, Majro William B. Wall (wounded), Colonel John H. McHenry, Jr
1st and 2nd Battalions, 5th Ohio: Colonel W. H. H. Taylor
2nd Michigan Battery: Lieutenant C. W. Laing
Mann's Missouri Battery: Lieutenant Edward Brotzmann
13th Ohio Battery: Captain John B. Myers
Fifth Divison: Brigadier-General William T. Sherman (wounded)
First Brigade: Colonel John A. McDowell
40th Illinois: Colonel Stephen G. Hicks (wounded), Lieutenant-Colonel James W. Boothe
6th Iowa: Captain John Williams (wounded), Captain Madison M. Walden
46th Ohio: Colonel Thomas Worthington
6th Indian Battery: Captain Frederick Behr (killed)
Second Brigade: Colonel David Stuart (wounded), Lieutenant-Colonel Oscar Malmborg (temporarily), Colonel T. Kilby Smith
55th Illinois: Lieutenant-Colonel Oscar Malmborg
54th Ohio: Colonel T. Kilby Smith, Lieutenant-Colonel James A. Farden
71st Ohio: Colonel Rodney Mason
Third Brigade: Colonel Jesse Hildebrand
53rd Ohio: Colonel J. J. Appler, Lieutenant-Colonel Robert A. Fulton
57th Ohio: Lieutenant-Colonel Americus V. Rice
77th Ohio: Lieutenant-Colonel Wills de Hass, Major Benjamin D. Fearing
Fourth Brigade: Colonel Ralph Buckland
48th Ohio: Colonel Peter J. Sullivan (wounded), Lieutenant-Colonel Job R. Parker
70th Ohio: Colonel Joseph R. Cockerill
72nd Ohio: Lieutenant-Colonel Herman Canfield (killed), Colonel Ralph P. Buckland
1st and 2nd Battalions: 4th Illinois: Colonel T. Lyle Dickey
Artillery: Major Ezra Taylor
B, 1st Illinois: Captain Samuel E. Barrett
E, 1st Illinois: Captain A. C. Waterhouse (wounded), Lieutenant A. R. Abbot (wounded), Lieutenant J. A. Fitch
Sixth Division: Brigadier-General Benjamin M. Prentiss (captured)
First Brigade: Colonel Everett Peabody (killed)
12th Michigan: Colonel Francis Quinn
21st Missouri: Colonel David Moore (wounded), Lieutenant-Colonel H. M. Woodyard
25th Missouri: Colonel Robert T. Van Horn
16th Wisconsin: Colonel Benjamin Allen (wounded)
Second Brigade: Colonel Madison Miller (captured)
61st Illinois: Colonel Jacob Fry
16th Iowa: Colonel Alexander Chambers (wounded), Lieutenant Colonel A. H. Sanders
18th Missouri: Lieutenant-Colonel Issac V. Pratt (captured)
11th Illinois (8 companies): Colonel Robert G. Ingersoll
1st Minnissota Battery: Captain Emil Munch (wounded), Lieutenant William Pfaender
5th Ohio Battery: Captain A. Hichenlooper
Unattached Infantry
15th Iowa: Colonel Hugh T. Reid
23rd Missouri: Colonel Jacob T. Tindall (killed), Lieutenant-Colonel Quin Morton (captured)
18th Wisconsin: Colonel James S. Alban (killed)
Unassigned Troops
15th Michigan: Colonel John M. Oliver
14th Wisconsin: Colonel David E. Wood
H, 1st Illinois Battery: Captain Axel Silfversparre
I, 1st Illinois Artillery: Captain Edward Bouton
B, 2nd Illinois Artillery: Captain Relly Madison
F, 2nd Illinois Artillery: Captain John W. Powell (wounded)
8th Ohio Battery: Captain Louis Markgraf

Union Gunboats

Tyler: Lieutenant-Commander William Gwin
Lexington: Lieutenant-Commander: James W. Shirk

Army of the Ohio: Major-General Don Carlos Buell

Second Division: Brigadier-General Alexander McD. McCook
Fourth Brigade: Brigadier-General Lovell H. Rousseau
6th Indiana: Colonel Thomas T. Crittenden
5th Kentucky: Colonel H.M. Buckley
1st Ohio: Colonel B. F. Smith
1st Battalion, 15th U.S. (Captain Peter T. Swaine) and 1st Battallion, 16th U.S. (Captain Edwin F. Townsend): Major John H. King
1st Battalion, 19th U.S.: Major S. D. Carpenter
Fifth Brigade: Colonel Edward N. Kirk (wounded)
34th Illinois: Major Charles N. Levanway (killed), Captain Hiram W. Bristol
29th Indiana: Lieutenant-Colonel David M. Dunn
30th Indiana: Colonel Sion S. Bass (mortally wounded), Lieutenant-Colonel Joseph B. Dodge
77th Pennsylvania: Colonel Fred. S. Stumbaugh
Sixth Brigade: Colonel William H. Gibson
32nd Indiana: Colonel August Willich
39th Indiana: Colonel Thomas J. Harrison
15th Ohio: Major William Wallace
49th Ohio: Lieutenant-Colonel Albert M. Blackman
H, 5th U.S.: Captain William R. Terrill
Fourth Division: Brigadier-General William Nelson
Tenth Brigade: Colonel Jacob Ammen
36th Indiana: Colonel William Grose
6th Ohio: Lieutenant-Colonel Nicholas L. Anderson
24th Ohio: Lieutenant-Colonel Frederick C. Jones
Nineteenth Brigade: Colonel William B. Hazen
9th Indiana: Colonel Gideon C. Moody
6th Kentucky: Walter C. Whitaker
41st Ohio: Lieutenant-Colonel George S. Mygatt
Twenty Second Brigade: Colonel Sanders D. Bruce
1st Kentucky: Colonel David A. Enyart
2nd Kentucky: Colonel Thomas D. Sedgewick
20th Kentucky: Lieutenant-Colonel Charles S. Hanson
2nd Indiana (not actively engaged): Lieutenant-Colonel Edward M. McCook
Fifth Division: Brigadier-General Thomas L. Crittenden
Eleventh Brigade: Brigadier-General Jeremiah T. Boyle
9th Kentucky: Colonel Benjamin C. Grider
13th Kentucky: Colonel Edward H. Hobson
19th Ohio: Colonel Sameul Beatty
59th Ohio: Colonel James P. Fyffe
Fourteenth Brigade: Colonel William Sooy Smith
11th Kentucky: Colonel Pierce B. Hawkins
26th Kentucky: Lieutenant-Colonel Cicero Maxwell
13th Ohio: Lieutenant-Colonel Joseph G. Hawkins
G, 1st Ohio: Captain Joseph Bartlett
H and M, 4th U.S.: Captain John Mendenhall
3rd Kentucky (not actively engaged): Colonel James S. Jackson
Sixth Division: Brigadier-General Thomas J. Wood
Twentieth Brigade: Brigadier-General James A. Garfield
13th Michigan: Coloenl Michael Shoemaker
64th Ohio: Colonel John Ferguson
65th Ohio: Colonel Charles G. Harker
Twenty First Brigade: Colonel George D. Wagner
15th Indiana: Lieutenant-Colonel Gustavus A. Wood
40th Indiana: Colonel John W. Blake
57 Indiana: Colonel Cyrus C. Hines
24th Kentucky: Colonel Lewis B. Grigsby

Union Loses

Unit Killed Wounded Missing Total
First Divison, Staff 0 2 0 2
", First Brigade 104 467 9 580
", Second Brigade 80 475 30 585
", Third Brigade 96 393 46 535
", unattached 5 35 0 40
Second Division, Staff 0 1 0 1
", First Brigade 39 143 676 858
", Second Brigade 99 470 11 580
", Third Brigade 127 501 619 1247
", Cavalry 1 5 0 6
", Artillery 4 63 0 57
Third Divison, First Brigade 18 114 0 132
", Second Brigade 20 99 3 122
", Third Brigade 2 32 1 35
", Artillery 1 6 0 7
", Cavalry 0 0 0 0
Fourth Division, First Brigade 112 532 43 687
", Second Brigade 130 492 8 630
", Third Brigade 70 384 4 458
", Cavalry 1 6 0 7
", Artillery 4 27 56 87
Fifth Division, Staff 0 1 0 1
", First Brigade 137 444 70 651
", Second Brigade 80 380 90 550
", Third Brigade 70 222 65 356
", Fourth Brigade 36 203 74 313
", Cavalry 0 6 0 6
", Artillery 2 22 0 24
Sixth Division 1 0 2 3
", First Brigade 113 372 236 721
", Second Brigade 44 228 178 450
", Cavalry 3 3 0 6
", Artillery 4 27 0 31
", Unattached infantry 71 298 592 961
Unassigned Troops 39 159 17 215
Total 1513 6601 2830 10944

Army of the Ohio

Unit Killed Wounded Missing Total
Second Division, Fourth Brigade 28 280 3 311
", Fifth Brigade 24 310 2 346
", Sixth Brigade 25 220 2 247
", Artillery 1 13 0 14
Fourth Division, Tenth Brigade 16 106 8 130
", Nineteenth Brigade 48 357 1 406
", Twenty-second Brigade 29 138 11 178
", Cavalry 0 0 0 0
Fifth Division, Eleventh Brigade 33 212 18 263
", Fourteenth Brigade 25 157 10 192
", Artillery 2 8 0 10
", Cavalry 0 0 0 0
Sixth Division, Twentieth Brigade - - - -
", Twenty-first Brigade 0 4 0 0
Total 241 1807 55 2103
Total Union Loses 1754 8408 2885 13047

Confederate Army

Army of the Tennessee: General Albert Sidney Johnston (killed), General G. T. Beauregard

First Army Corps: Major-General Leonidas Polk
First Division: Brigandier-General Charles Clark (wounded), Brigadier-General Alexander P. Stewart
First Brigade: Col. R.M. Russell
11th Louisiana: Colonel S. F. Marks (wounded), Lieutenant-Colonel Robert H. Barrow
12th Tennessee: Lieutenant-Colonel T. H. Bell, Major R. P. Caldwell
13th Tennessee: Colonel A. J. Vaughan, Jr.
22nd Tennessee: Colonel T. J. Freeman (wounded)
Tennessee Battery: Captain Smith P. Bankhead
Second Brigade: Brigadier-General Alexander P. Stewart
13th Arkansas: Lieutenant-Colonel A. D. Grayson (killed), Major James A. McNeely (wounded), Colonel J. C. Tappan
4th Tennessee: Colonel R. P. Neely, Lieutenant Colone O. F. Strahl
5th Tennessee: Lieutenant-Colonel C. D. Venable
33rd Tennessee: Colonel Alexander W. Campbell (wounded)
Mississippi Battery: Captain T. J. Stanford
Second Division: Major-General B. F. Cheatham
First Brigade: Brigadier-General Bushrod R. Johnson (wounded), Colonel Preston Smith (wounded)
Blythe's Mississippi: Colonel A. K. Blythe (killed), Lieutenant-Colonel D. L. Herron (killed), Major James Moore
2nd Tennessee: Colonel J. Knox Walker
15th Tennessee: Lieutenant-Colonel R. C. Tyler (wounded), Major John F Hearn
154th Tennessee (senior): Colonel Preston Smith, Lieutenant-Colonel Marcus J. Wright
Tennessee Battery: Captain Marshall T. Polk (wounded)
Second Brigade: Colonel William H Stephens, Colonel George Maney
7th Kentucky: Colonel Charles Wickliffe (mortally wounded), Lieutenant Colonel W. D. Lannom
1st Tennessee (battalion): Colonel George Maney, Major H.R. Field
6th Tennessee: Lieutenant-Colonel T. P. Jones
9th Tennessee: Colonel H. L. Douglass
Mississippi Battery: Captain Melancthon Smith
1st Missippii: Colonel A. J. Lindsay
Missippii and Alabama Battalion: Lieutenant Colonel R. H. Brewer.
47th Tennessee: Colonel M. R. Hill
Second Army Corps: Major-General Braxton Bragg
Escort Alabama Cavalry: Captain R. W. Smith
First Division: Brigadier-General Daniel Ruggles
First Brigade: Colonel Randell L. Gibson
1st Arkansas: Colone James F. Fagan
4th Louisiana: Colone H. W. Allen (wounded), Lieutenant-Colonel S. E. Hunter
13th Louisiana: Major A. P. Avegno (mortally wounded), Captain S. O'Leary (wounded), Captain E. M. Dubroca
19th Louisiana: Colonel Benjamin L. Hodge
Second Brigade: Brigadier-General Patton Anderson
1st Florida Battalion: Major T. A. McDonell (wounded), Captain W. G. Poole, Captain W. C. Bird
17th Louisiana: Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Jones (wounded)
20th Louisiana: Colonet August Reichard
9th Texas: Colonel W. A. Stanley
Confederate Guards Response Battalion: Makro Franklin H. Clack
5th Company Washington (La.) Artillery: Captiain W. I Hodgson
Third Brigade: Colonel Preston Pond Jr.
16th Louisiana: Major Daniel Gober
18th Louisiana: Colonel Alfred Mouton (wounded), Lieutenant-Colonel A. Roman
Crescent (Louisiana.) Regiment: Colonel Marshall J. Smith
Orleans Guard Battalion: Major Leon Querouze (wounded)
38th Tennessee: Colonel; R. F. Looney
Alabama Battery: Captain William H. Ketchum
Alabama Battalion: Captain T. F. Jenkins.
Second Division: Brigadier General Jones M. Withers
First Brigade: Brigadier-General A. H. Gladden (mortally wounded), Colonel Daniel W. Adams (wounded), Colonel Z. C. Deas (wounded)
21st Alabama: Lieutenant-Colonel S.W. Cayce, Major F. Stewart
22nd Alabama: Colonel Z.C. Deas, Lieutenant-Colonel John C. Marrast
25th Alabama: Colonel J.Q. Loomis (wounded), Major George D. Johnston
26th Alabama: Colonel J.G. Coltart (wounded), Lieutenant-Colonel William D. Chadick
1st Louisianna: Colonel Daniel W. Adams, Major F. H. Farrar, Jr
Alabama Battery: Captain F. H. Robertson
Second Brigade: Brigadier-General James R. Chalmers
5th Mississippi: Colonel A. E. Fant
7th Mississippi: Lieutenant-Colonel H. Mayson
9th Mississippi: Lieutenant-Colonel William A. Rankin (mortally wounded)
10th Mississippi: Colonel R. A. Smith
52nd Tennessee: Colonel B. J. Lea
Alabama Battery: Captain P. Gage

Third Brigade: Brigadier-General John K. Jackson
17th Alabama: Lieutenant-Colonel Robert C. Farris
18th Alabama: Colonel Eli S. Shorter
19th Alabama: Colonel Joseph Wheeler
2nd Texas: Colonel John C. Moore, Lieutenant-Colonel W. P. Rogers, Major H. G. Runnels
Georgia Battery: Captain I. P. Girardey
Third Army Corps: Major-General William J. Hardee (wounded)
First Brigade: Brigadier General T. C Hindman (also commanded the third brigade), Colonel R. G. Shaver
2nd Arkansas: Colonel D. C. Govan, Major R. F. Harvey
6th Arkansas: Colonel A. T. Hawthorn
7th Arkansas: Lieutenant-Colonel John M. Dean (killed), Major James T. Martin
3rd Confederate: Colonel John S. Marmaduke
Mississippi Battery: Captain Charles Swett
Second Brigade: Brigadier-General P.R. Cleburne
15th Arkansas: Lieutenant-Colonel A. K. Patton (killed),
6th Mississippi: Colonel J.J. Thornton (wounded), Captain W.A. Harper
2nd Tennessee: Colonel W.B. Bate (wounded), Lieutenant Colonel D. L. Goodall
5th Tennessee: Colonel Ben. J. Hill
23rd Tennessee: Lieutenant-Colonel James F. Neill (wounded)
24th Tennessee: Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas H. Peebles
Arkansas Batteries: Captains J. T. Trigg and J. H. Calvert
Third Brigade: Brigadier General S.A.M. Wood, Colonel W. K. Patterson (temporarily)
16th Alabama: Lieutenant-Colonel J. W. Harris
8th Arkansas: Colonel W. K. Patterson
9th Arkanasa (battalion): Major J. H. Kelly
3rd Mississippi Battalion: Major A.B. Hardcastle
27th Tennessee: Colonel Chris H. Williams (killed), Major Samuel T. Love (mortally wounded)
44th Tennessee: Colonel C. A. McDaniel
55th Tennessee: Colonel James L. McKoin
Mississippi Battery: Captain W. L. Harper (wounded), Lieutenant Put. Darden
Georgia Dragoons: Captain I. W. Avery
Reserve Corps: Brigadier-General John C. Breckingridge
First Brigade: Colonel Robert P. Trabue
4th Alabama Battalion: Major J. M. Clifton
31st Alabama: Lieutenant Colonel Galbraith
3rd Kentucky: Lieutenant-Colonel Ben Anderson (wounded),
4th Kentucky: Lieutenant-Colonel A. R. Hynes (wounded)
5th Kentucky: Colonel Thomas H. Hunt
6th Kentucky: Joseph H. Lewis
Tennessee Battalion: Lieutenant-Colonel J. M. Crews
Kentucky Battery: Captain Edward P. Byrne
Second Brigade: Brigadier-General John S. Bowen (wounded), Colonel John D. Martin
9th Arkansas: Colonel Issac L. Dunlop
10th Arkansas: Colonel T. D. Merrick
2nd Confederate: Colonel John D. Martin, Major Thomas H. Mangum
1st Missouri: Colonel Lucius L. Rich
Mississippi Battery: Captain Alfred Hudson
Third Brigade: Colonel W. S. Statham
15th Mississippi
22nd Mississippi
19th Tennessee: Colonel D. H. Cummings
20th Tennessee: Colonel J. A. Battle (captured)
28th Tennessee:
45th Tennessee: Lieutenant-Colonel E. F. Lytle
Tennessee Battery: Captain A. M. Rutledge
Troops not mentioned elsewhere
Tennessee Regiment: Colonel N. B. Forrest (wounded)
Alabama Regiment: Colonel James H. Clanton
Texas Regiment: Colonel John A. Wharton (wounded)
Kentucky Squadron: Captain John H. Morgan
Arkansas Artillery Battery: Captain George T. Hubbard
Tennesse Artillery Battery: Captain H. L. W. McClung

Confederate Loses

Unit Killed Wounded Missing Total
First Corps, First Division, Staff 0 1 0 1
", ", First Brigade 97 512 0 609
", ", Second Bridage 93 421 3 517
First Corps, Second Division, Staff 0 1 0 1
", ", First Brigade 120 607 13 740
", ", Second Brigade 75 413 3 491
", ", Cavalry 5 12 2 19
Second Corps, First Division        
", ", First Brigade 97 488 97 682
", ", Second Brigade 69 313 52 434
", ", Third Brigade 89 336 169 594
", ", Cavalry 2 6 1 9
Second Corps, Second Division        
", ", First Brigade 129 597 103 829
", ", Second Brigade 83 343 19 445
", ", Third Brigade 86 364 194 644
Third Corps        
", First Brigade 109 546 38 693
", Second Brigade 188 790 65 1043
", Third Brigade 107 600 38 745
Reserve Corps        
", First Brigade 151 557 92 800
", Second Brigade 98 498 28 624
", Third Brigade 137 627 45 809
Total 1735 8032 962 10,699

The officially reported casualty figures were 1728 killed, 8012 wounded and 959 missing. The different can be accounted for by the staff and cavalry losses, which come to 7 killed, 20 wounded and 3 missing

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