The Armies at the Battle of Baton Rouge, 5 August 1862


Brigadier-General Thomas Williams (killed), Colonel Thomas W. Cahill

9th Connecticut: Colonel Thomas W. Cahill, Lieutenant-Colonel Richard Fitz-Gibbons
21st Indiana: Lieutenant-Colonel John A. Keith (wounded), Captain James Grimsley
14th Maine: Colonel Frank S. Nickerton (commanding the left wing), Lieutenant Colonel Thomas W. Porter
30th Massachusetts: Colonel Nathan A.M. Dudley (commanding the right wing), Major Horace O. Whittemore
6th Michigan: Captain Charles E. Clark
7th Vermont: Colonel George T. Roberts (mortally wounded), Captain Henry M Porter, Lieutenant-Colonel Volney S. Fullam
4th Wisconsin: Lieutenant-Colonel Sidney A. Bean
2d Company Massachusetts Cavalry: Captain James M. Magee
Indiana Battery (3 guns): Lieutenant James H Brown
2nd Massachusetts Battery: Lieutenant George G. Trull
4th Massachusetts Battery: Captain Charles H. Manning
6th Massachusetts Battery: Lieutenant William W. Carruth

Union Loses

Unit Killed Wounded Missing Total
Total 84 266 33 383


Major-General John C. Breckinridge

First Division: Brigadier-General Charles Clark (wounded and captured), Colonel T.B. Smith
Second Brigade: Brigadier-General Benjamin H. Helm (wounded), Colonel Thomas H. Hunt (wounded), Captain John A. Buckner
4th Kentucky: Captain John H. Millett
5th Kentucky: Colonel Thomas H. Hunt, Lieutenant-Colonel John W. Caldwell, Major J.C. Wickliffe
31th Mississippi: Major H.E. Topp
31st Alabama: Colonel Jepitha Edwards
4th Alabama Battery (Pettus's Flying Artillery): Lieutenant J.R. Sweaney
Fourth Brigade: Colonel T. B. Smith
19th, 20th, 28th and 45th Tennessee (battalion): Lieutenant-Colonel B.F. Moore
15th Mississippi (in reserve): Major J. R. Binford
22nd Mississippi: Captain F. Hughes (mortally wounded)
Kentucky Battery: Captain Robert Cobb
Second Division: Brigadier-General Daniel Ruggles
First Brigade: Colonel A.P. Thompson (wounded), Colonel J.W. Robertson
35th Alabama: Colonel J.W. Robertson, Lieutenant Colonel Edward Goodwin
3rd Kentucky: Captain J.W. Bowman
6th Kentucky: Lieutenant Colonel M.H. Cofer
7th Kentucky: Colonel Edward Crossland
Sharp-shooters: Lieutenant G.C. Hubbard

Second Brigade: Colonel H. W. Allen (wounded), Colonel Gustavus A. Breaux
4th Louisiana (with Company I, 39th Mississippi attached): Lieutenant-Colonel S.E. Hunter
30th Louisiana (Battalion): Colonel Gustavus A. Breaux
Louisiana Battalion (Stewart's Legion): Lieutenant-Colonel Samuel Boyd (wounded), Captain Thomas Bynum
Louisiana Partisan Rangers: Colonel Francis Pond Jr., and Major J. de Baun

Confederate Loses

Unit Killed Wounded Missing Total
First Division, Staff 0 2 1 3
", Second Brigade 29 111 3 143
", Fourth Brigade 15 41 3 59
Second Division, First Brigade 12 70 3 85
", Second Brigade 28 91 47 166
Total 84 315 57 456

Numbers Engaged in the Battle

The total force engaged on the Union side numbered under 2,500 men. These figures and the above tables exclude the gunboats on the river.

General Breckinridge reported that he 'did not carry into action more than 2600 men. This estaimate does not include some 200 Partisan Rangers . . . who from the nature of the ground, took no part in the action.

Based on Battles and Leaders of the Civil War: III, Retreat from Gettysburg, p.585

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