412th Fighter Group (USAAF)

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The 412th Fighter Group was an experimental unit that was used to gain experience with the new generation of jet aircraft.

The group was constituted on 20 November 1943 and activated on 29 November. It was used to conduct tests with the Bell P-59 Airacomet and the Lockheed F-80 Shooting Star, as well as to train pilots for front line service with jet fighters.

The group was inactivated on 3 July 1946.




1943-1945: Bell P-59 Airacomet, Lockheed F-80 Shooting Star


20 November 1943 Constituted as 412th Fighter Group
29 November 1943 Activated with Fourth Air Force
3 July 1946 Inactivated

Commanders (with date of appointment)

Capt Brunner R Coke: 29 Nov 1943
Maj John W Mitchell: Dec 1943
Col Homer A Boushey: 11 Jan 1944
Col David L Hill: 29 Sep-1945
Col Bruce K Holloway: 30 Jan-3 Jul 1946.

Main Bases

Muroc, Calif: 29 Nov 1943
Palmdale AAFld, Calif: 1 Jun 1944
Bakersfield Mun Arpt Calif: 11 Oct 1944
Santa Maria AAFld, Calif: 10 Jul 1945
March Field, Calif: c. 29 Nov 1945-3 Jul 1946.

Component Units

29th: 1944-1946
31st: 1944-1946
445th: 1944-1946

Assigned To

1943-44: Los Angeles Fighter Wing; IV Fighter Command; Fourth Air Force

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