341st Bombardment Group

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The 341st Bombardment Group was activated on 15 September 1942 as a medium bombardment group equipped with the B-25 Mitchell. It entered the front line early in 1943, operating against Japanese ground targets in central Burma.

In January 1944 the group was transferred to the Fourteenth Air Force, based in China. There it concentrated on anti-shipping strikes (without the 490th squadron), at sea and on China's inland waterways. It also attacked ground targets in Canton and in French Indochina. The group received a DUC for developing a bombing technique for use against bridges.


North American B-25 Mitchell: 1942-1945


14 August 1942 Constituted
15 September 1942 Activated in India
1943-January 1944 Fighting over Burma with Tenth Air Force
January 1944-October 1945 Based in China with Fourteenth Air Force

Commanders (with date of appointment)

Colonel W Newsome & General Charles B. Stone III, Kunming, 1945
Colonel W Newsome & General Charles B. Stone III, Kunming, 1945

Colonel Torgils G Wold: 15 September 1942
Colonel James A Philpott: 21 September 1943
Colonel Torgils G Wold: 2 November 1943
Colonel Morris F Taber: 23 November 1943
Colonel Joseph B Wells: 11 April 1944
Colonel Donald L Clark: 1 December 1944
Colonel James W Newsome: 16 April 1945

Main Bases

Karachi: 15 September 1942
Chakulia, India: 30 December 1942
Kurmitola, India: June 1943
Kunming, China: 7 January 1944
Yangkai, China: 13 December 1944-October 1945

Component Units

11th Bombardment Squadron: 1942-1945
22nd Bombardment Squadron: 1942-1945
490th Bombardment Squadron: 1942-1945
491st Bombardment Squadron: 1942-1945

Assigned To

Tenth Air Force: September 1942-January 1944
69th Composite Wing, Fourteenth Air Force: January 1944-October 1945

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