No. 27 Squadron (SAAF): Second World War

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No.27 Squadron, S.A.A.F., served as a coastal reconnaissance unit from South Africa, before moving to Algeria during 1944 to fly anti-submarime patrols.

No.27 Squadron was formed on 24 August 1942 as a coastal reconnaissance unit, equipped with the Lockheed Ventura.

In June-July 1944, after two years operating from South Africa, the squadron moved to the Western Mediterranean, where it replaced its Ventura IVs with more modern Ventura Vs. Anti-submarine patrols began from 18 July 1944 from La Senia, near Oran in Algeria, and continued until late November. During the same period a detachment was sent to Malta, operating from Hal Far for two months.

Towards the end of 1944 the squadron prepared to convert to the new Vickers Warwick. In November the Venturas were flown to Egypt, departing for South Africa in January 1945. They were followed in the same month by the squadron's ground staff, but the Warwicks didn't begin to arrive until March. In the interim the squadron was given eight Wellingtons, but operations didn't resume until July 1945. With the war over the squadron operated as an air-sea rescue unit, a role that lasted until November, when it was taken over by No.621 Squadron, RAF. No.27 Squadron and its sixteen Warwicks returned to South Africa, where in the following month it was disbanded.

27 August 1942: Lockheed Ventura
-July 1944: Lockheed Ventura IV
July 1944-January 1945: Lockheed Ventura V
February-March 1945: Vickers Wellington XIV
March-December 1945: Vickers Warwick V

24 August 1942-: Eerste River, Cape Province
-June 1944: South Africa
June-November 1944: La Senia (Oran, Algeria)
     August-October 1944: Detachment to Hal Far (Malta)
November 1944-February 1945: Cairo West
     January-February 1945: Ground crews to Almaza
February-December 1945: Gianaclis

Squadron Codes: L (Ventura), R (Warwick)

1942-1944: Coastal Reconnaissance, South Afirca
1944-1945: Anti-submarine patrols, Western Mediterranean



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