No. 624 Squadron (RAF): Second World War

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No.624 Squadron was formed in Algeria in September 1943 from No.1575 (Special Duties) Flight. The squadron inherited eighteen Halifaxes and two Venturas, which it used to drop supplies to partisans and the resistance across much of southern Europe and the Balkans. The squadron continued to perform this duty until September 1944, by which time the liberation of most of Italy and France meant that it was no longer needed, and so on 5 September 1944 the squadron was disbanded.

It was reformed nearly four months later, on 28 December 1944, as a mine-spotting squadron using the Walrus amphibian. This incarnation of the squadron was based at a number of posts around the coast of Italy and Greece. Its role was to fly over the clear Mediterranean seas looking out for German and Italian mines, which were often clearly visible from the air. The squadron continued to perform this duty until it was disbanded on 30 November 1945.

September-October 1943: Ventura II
September 1943-September 1944: Handley Page Halifax B.Mk II
September 1943 to February 1944: Handley Page Halifax B.Mk V
June 1944-September 1944: Short Stirling IV

January-November 1945: Supermarine Walrus I

22 September-23 December 1943: Blida
23 December 1943-15 February 1943: Brindisi
15 February-5 September 1944: Blida

28 December 1944-21 February 1945: Grottaglie
21 February-2 May 1945: Falconara
2 May-9 July 1945: Rosignano
21 August-30 November 1945: Littorio

Squadron Codes: Q, K, B, A

September 1943-September 1944: Special Duties, Mediterranean
December 1944-November 1945: Mine Spotting, Mediterranean


Review of Halifax Squadrons by John lake Halifax Squadrons of World War II , Jon Lake. This is a very good book on the combat record of the Handley Page Halifax. It covers much more than just its role as a front line bomber, with chapters on the Halifax with Coastal Command, the Pathfinders and SOE, amongst others. [see more]
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