No. 530 Squadron (RAF): Second World War

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No.530 Squadron was one of ten Turbinlite squadrons formed in September 1942, just before the entire programme was abandoned. Turbinlite aircraft were modified to carry a very powerful searchlight in their nose. The idea was that the Turbinelite aircraft, operating alongside a pair of Hurricanes provided by a nearby fighter squadron, would use its radar to find an enemy aircraft. Once the enemy bomber was within range, the searchlight would be turned on, and the fighters would shoot down the target.

At first the Turbinlite aircraft were organised in separate flights, starting with No.1451 (Turbinlite) Flight at Hunsdon (Hertfordshire). The Hurricanes were to be provided by existing fighter squadrons. This system wasn’t a success, as the fighters often failed to successfully rendezvous with the Turbinlite aircraft.

In an attempt to solve this problem the Turbinlite flights were turned into squadrons, each operating both the searchlight aircraft and the fighters. Ten of these squadrons were formed on 2 September 1942, but by this date radar equipped night fighters, such as the Beaufighter and the Mosquito, were entering service in increasing numbers. The Turbinlite squadrons were no longer needed, and No.530 was disbanded on 25 January 1943.

September 1942-January 1943
Douglas Havoc I and II
Douglas Boston III
Hawker Hurricane IIC

September 1942-January 1943: Hunsdon

Squadron Codes: -

September 1942-January 1943: Turbinlite Squadron



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