No. 528 Squadron (RAF): Second World War

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No.528 Squadron was a radar calibration squadron that was formed in the south-west, before moving to Lincolnshire. The squadron was formed at Filton, Gloucestershire, on 28 June 1943, and used Blenheims and Hornet Moths to fly radar calibration sorties for radar stations in the south west.

In May 1944 the squadron moved to Lincolnshire, where it performed the same task. The squadron was absorbed by No.527 Squadron on 1 September 1944.

June 1943-September 1944: Bristol Blenheim IV
June 1943-September 1944: Hornet Moth

June 1943-May 1944: Filton
May-September 1944: Digby

Squadron Codes: -

June 1943-September 1944: Radar Calibration squadron



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