No. 351 Squadron (RAF): Second World War

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No.351 Squadron was a Yugoslav-manned fighter squadron that carried out ground attack missions in support of the Yugoslavian partisans.

The squadron was formed in Libya on 1 July 1944, but soon moved to Italy, where it became part of No.281 Wing, Balkan Air Force (alongside the original Yugoslav fighter squadron, No.352).

No.351 Squadron was used for ground attack missions, acting in support of Tito's partisans. Although it remained based in Italy until February 1945, the squadron used the liberated island of Vis, in the Adriatic, as a forward base, greatly expanding the area it could operate over (and reducing the amount of time spent flying over the sea).

In February 1945 the squadron began to use an airfield at Prkos, on the Yugoslav coast. In the following month a detachment moved to the airfield, and in April the entire squadron made the move. The squadron operated until the end of the war, and was disbanded on 15 June 1945.

July-September 1944: Hawker Hurricane IIC
September 1944-June 1945: Hawker Hurricane IV

July-September 1944: Benina
September 1944-April 1945: Canne
    October 1944-April 1945: Detachment to Vis
    March-April 1945: Detachment to Prkos
April-June 1945: Prkos

Squadron Codes: O

1944-1945: Ground attack, Yugoslavia

Part of: No.281 Wing; Balkan Air Force



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