No. 283 Squadron (RAF): Second World War

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No.283 Squadron was an air-sea rescue squadron that served overseas. It was formed in North Africa, and spent the entire war providing cover for different parts of the Mediterranean

The squadron was formed on 11 February 1943 at Algiers. Progress was slow - the commanding officer didn't arrive until 25 April, followed one day later by the first two Walrus amphibians. At full strength the squadron operated six Walruses, often scattering them around a number of land bases in its area of operations.

From early May until August the squadron operated from bases in North Africa. It then moved to Sicily, where it provided air-sea rescue services for Allied aircrews flying between North Africa and Italy. Detachments were based on Sardinia and after the Allied landings also in Italy.

In December 1944 the squadron's base moved to Corsica, from where it provided cover for the seas off the south of France and northern Italy.

In March 1944 the squadron received the Vickers Warwick, and in the following month the squadron moved to Malta, where its Walruses were passed on to No.284 Squadron.

The new aircraft were used to fly a mix of anti-submarine patrols and air-sea rescue missions, now being used to drop rescue equipment to downed airmen. Malta remained the squadron's main base until it was disbanded on 31 March 1946, but in October 1944 detachments were posted to bases southern Italy, Greece and Libya. One detachment was also briefly posted to Saki in the Crimea to provide cover during the Yalta Conference.

April 1943-April 1944: Supermarine Walrus I and II
March 1944-March 1946: Vickers Warwick I

February-May 1943: Algiers
May 1943: Maison Blanche
May 1943: Tingley
May-August 1943: La Sebala
August-December 1943: Palermo
December 1943: Ajaccio
December 1943-April 1944: Borgo
April 1944-March 1946: Hal Far

Squadron Codes: B

1943-1946: Air Sea Rescue



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