No. 15 Squadron (RAAF): Second World War

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No.15 Squadron, RAAF, was a Beaufort squadron that served as an anti-submarine and convoy escort unit from its formation in 1944 as well as sending a detachment to support the fighting on New Guinea.

The squadron was formed at Camden, New South Wales, on 27 January 1944 and was equipped with Australian built Bristol Beaufort torpedo bombers. The squadron's main role was to provide anti-submarine cover and convoy escorts off the east coast of Australia, and it performed that role for the rest of the war, with detachments based at Cairns and Townsville.

In April 1945 a detachment from No.15 Squadron joined a Beaufort wing based at Tadji, New Guinea. The wing spent most of its time attacking targets in the Wewak area, where a sizable garrison had been left to wither. During this period the Beauforts were used in the ground attack role, using a mix of bombs and machine gun fire.

At the end of the war the squadron concentrated at Kingaroy in Queensland, where it was disbanded on 23 March 1946.

January 1944-March 1946: Bristol Beaufort (Australian built)

January 1944-: Camden, New South Wales
Spring 1945-: Tadji, New Guinea; detachments at Cairns and Townsville
Late 1945-March 1946: Kingaroy, Queensland

Squadron Codes: Beaufort Code: DD

January 1944-April 1945: Anti-submarine warfare
April 1945-September 1945: Anti-submarine warfare Australia, ground attack/ bomber squadron, New Guinea

Short: Anti-submarine 1944-45; Ground attack/ Bomber squadron New Guinea 1945



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