No. 9 Squadron (IAF): Second World War

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No.9 Squadron, IAF, was a fighter-bomber squadron that took part in the campaign in Burma between April 1944 and April 1945.

No.9 Squadron was formed in January 1944, and entered combat three months later, on 29 April. For the next year it took part in the campaign in Burma, flying a mix of night intruder, bomber escort and the usual ground-attack missions.

In April 1945 the squadron was withdrawn to convert to the Spitfire. Although the first aircraft arrived in May the squadron hadn't completed its conversion before the Japanese surrender.

In April 1946 the squadron took its Spitfires to the North West Frontier. A year later, in May 1947 the squadron converted to the Hawker Tempest. In the partition of India No.9 Squadron was allocated to the Royal Pakistan Air Force, and so it was disbanded on 15 August 1947 before reforming in Pakistan.

January 1944-May 1945: Hawker Hurricane IIC
May 1945-March 1946: Supermarine Spitfire VIII
January-June 1946: Supermarine Spitfire XIV
May-August 1947: Hawker Tempest II

January 1944: Lahore
January-March 1944: Bhopal
March-April 1944: Kulaura
April 1944: Amarda Road
April-May 1944: Kulaura
     May 1944: Detachment to Kumnhirgram
     May 1944: Detachment to Lanka
     May 1944: Detachment to Dergaon
May-July 1944: Comilla
July-September 1944: Singarbil
September-November 1944: Hathazari
November 1944-February 1945: Ramu 1
February-March 1945: Akyab
March-April 1945: Dabaing 1
April-October 1945: Ranchi
October-November 1945: Baigachi
November 1945-January 1946: Hmawbi
January-February 1946: Willingdon
February-April 1946: Peshawar
April 1946-January 1947: Bhopal
May-August 1947: Peshawar

Squadron Codes: -

July 1944: No.165 Wing, No.224 Group, Third Tactical Air Force, Eastern Air Command



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