No.816 Naval Air Squadron (FAA): Second World War

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3 October 1939-: Fairey Swordfish
June-August 1943: Fighter flight of Supermarine Seafire L.IIc alongside Swordfish
Late 1943-January 1944: Swordfish and Seafire Ib
January 1944-June 1944: Swordfish and Wildcat IV
June-August 1944: Swordfish

1 February 1944-July 1945: Barracuda II
July 1945 onwards: Fairey Firefly FR.1

3 October 1939-c.May 1940: HMS Furious
June 1940-March 1941: HMS Furious
March 1941-June 1941: Coastal Command
June 1941-late summer 1941: HMS Furious
Late summer 1941-13 November 1941: HMS Ark Royal

1 February 1942-: Palisadoes, Jamaica
?: Return to UK on HMS Avenger
? to early 1943: Coastal Command
February 1943-27 March 1943: HMS Dasher
April 1943-Late 1943: Shore based
Late 1943-January 1944: HMS Tracker
January 1944-June 1944: HMS Chaser
June 1944-August 1944: Shore based

February 1945 onwards: Shore based

Squadron Codes: Swordfish: single letters, then U4A+ or 4A+ or 5A+; Barracuda, Wildcat and Firefly: single letters

Duty/ Battle Honours
1940: Norway
1941: Malta Convoys
1941: Mediterranean
1943: Atlantic
1944: Arctic
1944: Normandy



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