Plans of Monmouth Class First Class Armoured Cruisers

These plans show the Monmouth class first class armoured cruisers, more lightly armed than the standard British armoured cruiser of the period. They were thus cheaper than their predecessors, and could be produced in larger numbers. Ten Monmouth and six Devonshire class cruisers were launched between 1901 and 1904. The Monmouth class eliminated the 9.2in guns carried on previous armoured cruisers and were armed with fourteen 6in guns. Four were carried in twin turrets fore and aft (directly replacing the 9.2in guns). The other ten were carried in casemates along the sides, five on each side. This wasn't a successful arrangement. Two casemates on each side were at the same level as the rear twin turret, but three were on the next level down, and couldn't be fired in heavy seas as they were too close to the water. On the Devonshire class the twin turrets and the forward double-deck casemates were replaced with 7.5in guns in single turrets.
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