Plans of German Warships c.1944

Plans of German Warships c.1944

This illustration from the US wartime Recognition Magazine shows the main classes of combat ships in use with the German Navy in 1944, all on the same scale, grouped using the two letter codes in use with the US Navy.

First column


The incomplete carrier Graf Zeppelin, never actually completed as German priorities kept shifting.


The Tirpitz was based in Norway by 1944, and wouldn't survive the year.

The Gneisenau was badly damaged in a British air raid on 26-27 February 1942 and never repaired. By 1944 work on her had stopped.


Seydlitz (rebuilding) - shown here in her original layout as an Admiral Hipper class heavy cruiser, but by 1944 she had been chosen for conversion into aircraft carrier, but work had stopped in June 1943

Prinz Eugen - Admiral Hipper class heavy cruisre

Lutzow (originally Deutschland) - shown here with her original bow although she gained a clipper bow in 1940

Admiral Scheer (sister of Lutzow) - shown here with the Clipper bow added in early 1940


Nurnburg - The last German light cruiser of the Second World War

Second column


Leipzig - a slightly older sister of the Nurnburg

Koln - the third of the Konigsburg class

Emden - the first light cruiser after the end of the First World War


Narvik class - 1936A Type Destroyer, some of which formed the Narvik Flotilla in 1940-44

Maasz - 1934 Type Destroyer. Z1 was the Leberechty Maass

Elbing - Type 1939 Torpedo Boat - much larger than previous German torpedo boats, and equal to Allied destroyer escort types

Tjerk Hiddes (ex-Dutch) - this one was misidentified - this was her sister Gerard Callenburgh, scuttled in 1940 but completed by the Germans as ZH1. Tjerk Hiddes was also scuttled, and wasn't worth repairing.

TB (Torpedo Boat)

Wolf, Mowe: Wolf was a 1924 type Torpedo Boat, Mowe was a1923 type Torpedo Boat

T-1 - A 1935 Type torpedo boat

Rieherstieg - I've been unable to trace this one; it might be a wartime mis-spelling of Reiherstieg, a Hamburg shipyard.

Third Column


Sleipner (ex Norwegian) - A Sleipner class destroyer, Sleipner itself remained in Norwegian hands, but Gyller and Odin were captured intact by the Germans and Balder and Tor completed by them - as Torpedoboot Ausland - Gyller as Lowe, Odin as Panther, Balder as Leopard and Tor as Tiger

PG (Patrol Gunboat)

F-1 - first of the F class fleet escorts

Gunboat (ex-Dutch) - no idea!

Elan (ex French) - Elan class minesweeping sloops

Sans Souci (ex French) - Sans Souci class seaplane tenders, San Souci became the Uranus (SG3) in German hands

AVG (Auxiliary Aircraft Ferry)

Friesenland - a catapult seaplane tender

AM (Minesweeper)

M-1 - M1935 class minesweepers, M-1 was the first in class.

M-60 - M1940 class minesweepers, but that group didn't contain any M-60.

Otra (Ex-Norwegian) - Otra class minesweeper of which two served with the Germans - Otra served as Togo, Rauma as Kamerun

Willem va Ewick (Ex-Dutch) - Jan van Amstel class minesweeper - three served in German navy - Pieter Florisz, and two that ended up as the Abraham van der Hulst in Dutch service .

Fourth Column


R Class - motor minesweepers

PT (Motor Torpedo Boat)

S Class - the famous 'E-boats'

CM (Cruiser-minelayer)

Albatros (ex-Norwegian) - Norwegian minelayer that served in the Norwegian Navy as the Olav Tryggvason.


1600-ton - Type XB - the largest U boat

1200-ton - Type IXD2 - got the longer superstructure shown here, but most built without the deck gun

740-ton - superstructure matches Type VIIc/ 42, length about right, displacment too low

600-ton - superstructure matches Type VIID; but a bit short

517-ton - Type UBIII of 1917 is 617 tons but the shape suggests it could be Type VIIB or VIIC

250 ton - Type II, despite being obsolete by 1944 when this plan was published

1200 ton supply type - probably the Type XIV - length and role are right, but the displacement is too low

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