Plans of HMS Neptune

These plans show the battleship HMS Neptune of 1909, the first attempt to improve on the layout of the early British dreadnoughts. On HMS Dreadnought and her immediate successors the rear two turrets were on the same level, with a small tripod mast between them, while the two side turrets were level with each other. As a result they could only fire an eight gun broadside. On the Neptune the X turret was raised up above Y turret, although it still couldn't fire directly to the stern as this concussed the crew of the lower turret. The side turrets were staggered, so they could each fire on both sides of the ship, although with a limited range of fire on the opposite side.

The next two battleships, the Colossus class (HMS Hercules and HMS Colossus), had the side guns moved closer together and the foremast moved behind the funnel.

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