Picture of Hawker Fury

Hawker Fury

Picture of the Hawker Fury taken from a 1938 cigarette card. The original text associated with the picture read:

HAWKER "FURY" FIGHTER. This aptly named single-seater fighter is built by Hawker Aircraft, Ltd., and fitted with a Rolls-Royce "Kestrel" engine developing 480 h.p. at 11,500 feet. The construction is composite, being partly wood and partly metal. The airscrew is of wood. The under-carriage is of the conventional V-type with Oleo legs and tubular axle. The "Fury" which has a high degree of manoeuvrability, attains a speed of 223 m.p.h. at 15,000 feet and lands at 62.5 mph. A development of the type is the "Fury II" which mounts a Rolls-Royce "Kestrel VI" engine.

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