Picture of Hawker Demon

Hawker Demon

Picture of the Hawker Demon taken from a 1938 cigarette card. The original text associated with the picture read:

HAWKER "DEMON" FIGHTER. Built by Hawker Aircraft, Ltd., and fitted with a Rolls-Royce "Kestrel V" engine developing 575/ 600 h.p. at 11,000 feet, this is the only two-seater fighter in service with the exception of a development of the service type, the "Demon I (Turret)." The "Demon" is a biplane with a wing span of slightly more than 37 feet, which is somewhat wider than is general in aircraft of this type. The "Demon" develops a top-speed of about 182 m.p.h. but its range is no less than 404 miles. THe design, apart from the two-seater construction, follows conventional lines. The rear cockpit accommodated the gunner.

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