Fairmile B Motor Launch ML311

Fairmile B Motor Launch ML311
Here we see a Fairmile B Motor Launch (ML311), one of the larger of the 'small boats' that took part in a constant battle with their German opponents, as well as serving as submarine chasers. As a result many of them carried ASDIC and depth charges. ML311 served in the Far East and was sunk by the Japanese on 14 February 1942.
British Naval Weapons of World War Two – The John Lambert Collection Vol III: Coastal Forces Weapons, ed Norman Friedman. The third and final of three impressive books built around plans and drawings produced by John Lambert, looking at the small boats used by British Coastal Forces and the weapons they carried, accompanied by a useful introduction to the topic by Norman Friedman. A very impressive selection of detailed plans covering just about every element of these boats, from the radar antenna to their depth charges and torpedoes as well as the weapons carried by submarines. (Read Full Review)
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