C-109 Modification Manual - p.17 Drawing List

Many thanks to Paul Stahl Jr, for sending us this modification manual for the C-109 fuel transport, an modified verison of the B-24 bomber. His father, Paul Stahl Sr, was the project engineer for the C-109.

C-109 Gallery
Consolidated C-109 Gallery


Page 17 - Section 6 - Drawings Released on C-10 Aircraft

B-10848 Tension Unit Aircraft Antenna Assembly & Details

Plug and Cordage used with AN/APN-4


109-M8-H1000 Schematic Diagram Oxy. System C-109 Tanker

Tubing Chart C-109 Oxy. System


MODIFICATION TM-10 (Furnishing)

109-M10-G1001 Installation Data for CO2 Vapor Dilution System

MODIFICATION TM-11 (Hydraulics)

109-M11-H1000 Rework Hyd. System C-109 Tanker Project Only

MODIFICATION TM-13 (Furnishing)

B-11145-P Installation Bkt. Type A17 Fire Ext.

MODIFICATION TM-13 (Fuel Cell Installation)

Document #1 Fuel Cell Installation

Tube Assy.

44D10420 Cover Assy. Refueling Pump Aft
44D10419 Cover Assy. Refueling Pump Forward
44A10405 "T" Assy. Aux Wing Tank Manifold
44B10404 Plate, valve mounting
44A10406 Support Valve Mounting Plate (MX439)
44A10407 Spacer Valve Mounting Plate Support
44A10417 Block Valve Mounting
44D10403 Tube Assy. Deck Tank Outlet Line

MODIFICATION TM-13 (Installation Vapor Dilution System)

109-M13-H1000 (Sheet 1) Installation Vapor Dilution System

(Sheet 2) Installation Vapor Dilution System

109-M13-H1000 (Sheet 3) Inst. Vapor Dil. Sys. Bottle Rack
109-M13-H1001 Tubing Charte Vapor Dilution
109-M13-H1002 Detail and Assy. "Y" Connections Vapor Dilution System
109-M13-H1003 Rack Assembly Vapor Dilution System
109-M13-H1004 Channel and Angle Details Vapor Dilution System
109-M13-H1005 Rack Assy. Gasoline Tank Vapor Dilution System
109-M13-H1006 Detail Cylinder Rack Gasoline Vapor Dil. Sys
109-M13-H1007 Spacer Tank Vapor Dilution System
109-M13-H1008 Spacer Tank Vapor Dilution System
109-M13-H1009 Bracket Tank Vapor Dilution System
109-M13-H1010 Control Panel Gasoline Tank Vapor Dilution Sys.
109-M13-H1011 Angle Detail Vapor Dilution System
109-M13-H1012 Detail and Assy. Cover Pull Handles Vapor Dil. Sys.
109-M13-H2000 Inst. Vapor Dilution Sys. Self Sealing Fuel Cells
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