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Abercromby, James, general
Abercromby, Sir Ralph, 1734-1801
AEthelfrith, king of Northumbria, (-616)
Alexander, Field Marshal Harold, 1891-1969
Allenby, Edmund Henry, first Viscount Allenby of Megiddo, 1861-1936, British General
Amherst, Jeffrey, 1717-1797, first baron Amherst (1776), Field Marshal (1796)
Argylle, John Campbell, second duke of Argylle (1678-1743)
Armour, Napoleonic
Astley, Jacob, Lord (1579-1652)

Baillie, William, Scottish general
Baskeyfield, Lance Sergeant John D., V.C 1944
Batten, Admiral Sir William (d.1667)
Beatty, David, 1871-1936, British Admiral
Beharry, Private Johnson Gideon VC, b.1979
Boscawen, Edward, admiral, 1711-1761
Braddock, Edward (1695-1755)
Brock, Major General Isaac, 1769-1812
Burney, Sir Cecil, 1858-1929, British Admiral
Byng, General Sir Julian, Viscount Byng of Vimy, 1862-1935

Cadogan, William, first earl of (1675-1726)
Cadwallon, king of Gwynedd, d.632
Charles I, 1600-1649, king of Great Britain and Ireland (1625-1649)
Charles Edward Stuart, the Young Pretender (1720-1788)
Churchill, Sir Winston (1874-1965)
Clive, Robert, baron, 'Clive of India', 1725-1774
Collingwood, Cuthbert, first baron Collingwood (1750-1810)
Coningham, Air Vice Marshal Arthur 'Mary' (1895-1948)
Coote, Sir Eyrie (1726-1783)
Cork and Orrery, William Boyle, 12th Earl of, 1873-1967
Cradock, Sir Christopher “Kit”, 1862-1914
Crauford, Robert (1764-1812)
Cromwell, Oliver, 1599-1658, Lord Protector
Cumberland, William Augustus, duke of (1721-1765)
Cunningham, Admiral Sir Andrew, 1883 - 1963
Cunningham, Admiral Sir John, 1885-1962

Dagworth, Sir Thomas (d.1352)
Dempsey, Lieutenant General Miles, 1896-1969
Derby, Thomas Stanley, earl of, c.1433-1504

Edward III, King of England, 1327-1377
Edward IV, King of England, 1442-1483
Edward, the Black Prince, prince of Wales (1330-1376)
Egremont, Thomas Percy, Lord, 1422-1460

Fairfax, Thomas, Third Baron Fairfax (1612-1671)
FitzClarence, Brigadier General Charles, VC, 1865-1914
Freyberg, General Bernard

George I, (1660-1727), elector of Hanover (1698-1727), king of Great Britain and Ireland (1714-1727)
George II (1683-1760), king of Great Britain and Ireland (1727-1760)
Germain, George Sackville, first Viscount Sackville (1716-1785)
Goodenough, Sir William Edmund, 1867-1945, British Admiral
Gort, John Vereker, sixth Viscount, 1886-1946
Gough, General Sir Hubert de la Poer, 1870-1963
Gough-Calthorpe, Sir Somerset Arthur, 1864-1937, British Admiral
Granby, John Manners, Marquess of Granby (1721-1770)
Grenvile, Sir Bevil, 1596-1643, Royalist General

Hackett, John Winthrop, Junior, 1910 - 1997
Hawke, Edward, first Baron Hawke, admiral of the fleet (1705-1781)
Hawker, L. G., VC, DSO. (1890-1916)
Henry VI, King of England, 1421-1471
Hill, Rowland "Daddy" (1772-1842)

James Edward Stuart, the old Pretender (1688-1766)
Jervis, John, Earl St. Vincent (1735-1823)

Kelly, Sir John D., 1871-1936, British Admiral
Khan, Noor Inayat, GC, MBE, Croix de Guerre, 1914-1944

Langdale, Marmaduke, first Baron Langdale (?1598-1661)
Laugharne castle, siege of, 29 October-3 November 1644
Liddell-Hart, Sir Basil Henry (1895-1970)
Lowery Cole, Galbraith (1772 -1842)

Manchester, Edward Montagu, second earl of (1602-1671)
Mar, John Erskine, earl of Mar (1675-1732)
Marlborough, John Churchill, first duke of (d.1722)
Mathews, Thomas, Admiral (1676-1751)
Mauny, Sir Walter de, (-1372)
Maurice, Prince (1620-1652)
Maxse, General Sir (Frederick) Ivor, 1862-1958
Montgomery, Bernard Law, General (1887-1976)
Montrose, James Graham, 1st Marquess of (1612-1650)

Nelson, Horatio (1758-1805), Part 1: Early life
Nelson, Horatio (1758-1805), Part 2: The Nile to Copenhagen
Nelson, Horatio (1758-1805), Part 3: 1803 to Trafalgar
Nelson, Horatio, first Viscount Nelson (1758-1805)
Neville, George, archbishop of York, 1432-1476
Neville, Sir Humphrey, of Brancepeth
Neville, Richard, earl of Salisbury (1400-1460)
Neville, Richard, earl of Warwick (1428-1471)
Newcastle, William Cavendish, duke of, 1592-1676
Nixon, John Eccles, Sir, 1857-1921, British General

Ormonde, James Butler, second duke of, 1665-1745
Oswiu, king of Bernicia and Northumbria, (d.670)
Outram, General Sir James (1803-63)

Park, Keith Rodney, 1892-1975
Parr, Sir William, 1434-1483
Penda, king of Mercia (d.654)
Percy, Henry, 'Hotspur' (1364-1403)
Percy, Thomas, Lord Egremont, 1422-1460
Pile, General Frederick Alfred, 1884-1976
Pitt the elder, William, 1st earl of Chatham (1708-78)
Pound, Admiral Sir Dudley, 1877-1943

Ramsay, Sir Bertram Home (1883–1945)
Ranken, Harry Sherwood, VC MB ChB MRCP 1883-1914
Rupert, Prince, count palatine of the Rhine, duke of Bavaria, duke of Cumberland, earl of Holderness (1619-1682)

Salisbury, Richard Neville, earl of (1400-1460)
Sheaffe, Sir Roger Hale, 1763-1851
Skippon, Philip, Parliamentary general
Smith-Dorrien, Sir Horace Lockwood, 1858-1930
Somerset, Edmund Beaufort, second duke of, c.1406-1455
Somerset, Edmund Beaufort, fourth duke of , 1439-1471
Somerset, Henry Beaufort, third duke of, 1436-1464
Somerville, Admiral Sir James (1882-1949)
Stanley, Thomas Lord, Earl of Derby, c.1433-1504
Stanley, Sir William, c.1435-1495
Stuart, Charles Edward, the Young Pretender (1720-1788)
Stuart, James Edward, the old Pretender (1688-1766)
Steuben, Friedrich Wilhelm Augustus, Baron von (1730-94)

Trollope, Sir Andrew, d.1461
Tudor, Owen, c.1400-1461

Vereker, John, sixth Viscount Gort, 1886-1946
Vian, Admiral Philip, 1894-1968

Wake-Walker, Sir William Frederic (1888–1945)
Waller, William, Sir (1597-1668)
Walpole, Sir Robert, 1st earl of Orford (1676-1745)
Warwick, Richard Neville, earl of (1428-1471)
Wavell, General Sir Archibald, 1883 1950
Whitworth, Sir Joseph (1803-1887)
Wolfe, James (1727-1759), major-general
Wyatt, Sir Thomas, the Younger, c.1519-1554

York, George Neville, archbishop of, 1432-1476
York, Richard Plantagenet, third duke of, 1411-1460