Henry Percy, 'Hotspur' (1364-1403)

Son of Henry Percy, 1st earl of Northumberland. Hotspur won fame on the Scottish border, where he took a lead in the defence of the north. In 1388 he killed James, 2nd earl of Douglas, at the battle of Otterburn, and although he was captured his fame increased. He aided his father at the battle of Homildon Hill in 1402, this time capturing Archibald, 4th earl of Douglas. However, the Percys quickly fell out with Henry IV, and both rebelled against the King, joining with Owen Glyn Dwr. Hotspur was killed at the battle of Shrewsbury on 21 July 1403, although his fame outlived him.
Hotspur – Sir Henry Percy & The Myth of Chivalry, John Sadler. Interesting biography of ‘Hotspur’ looking at the reality behind Shakespeare’s rival to the young Henry V and how the real Henry Percy fitted into the brutal situation on the Anglo-Scottish border during his life, as well as his wider career. Paints a picture of a very different man to Shakespeare’s Hotspur, but almost certainly a much more accurate picture of this experienced border aristocrat (Read Full Review)
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