Heinkel He 111R

The He 111R was a proposed high altitude version of the He 111, which suffered from a relatively low service ceiling. The original design (He 111R-1) using the Junkers Jumo 211F-1 engine, was never built, but a second version (R-2), powered by the Daimler Benz DB 603U combined with turbo-superchargers, did reach the prototype stage early in 1944. Tests revealed that the new aircraft did not live up to expectations, and so work on the project was cancelled. Even if work had progressed further, German aircraft production was soon to concentrate almost exclusively on fighters, so the late-appearing He 111R would never have appeared in great numbers.

Heinkel He 111, Ron Mackay (Crowood Aviation). A comprehensive look at one of the most famous German aircraft of the Second World War, taking us through its pre-war development, its time as the Luftwaffe's most important bomber early in the war, to its long decline and the eventual collapse of the German bomber force.[see more]
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