Heinkel He 111E

The He 111E saw a second change of engine, from the DB 600 to the Junkers Jumo 211A. Production of the Daimler Benz engine was limited, with priority for deliveries going to Messerschmitt for the Bf 109 and Bf 110. Heinkel would later return to Daimler Benz with the He 111P, but the Jumo would power the most numerous version of the aircraft, the He 111H.


The pre-production E-0 appeared in January 1938. Bomb load was increased to 1700kg/ 3747lb, but the eight compartment bomb bay was retained, so the largest bombs that could be carried weighed 250kg/ 551.1lb.


Heinkel He 111E
Heinkel He 111E

The production E-1 followed in February 1938. Bomb load improved again, to 2000kg/ 4409lb. Forty five of the 120 He 111E-1s built were sent to Spain to take part in the Civil War.


One E-2 was built, with minor changes compared to the E-1.


Sixty-seven E-3s were built during 1938. The most significant change here was an increase in fuel capacity from 640 gallons to 911 gallons by the installation of extra tanks in the wings.


Although only ten E-4s were built the type represented a major breakthrough. The E-4 carried part (or possibly all) of its bomb load on external bomb racks. Each of these could carry 1000kg/ 2204lb of bombs, giving the aircraft the same payload as the E-1, but the external bomb racks could carry larger bombs than would fit in the internal bomb bay. Some sources suggest that the E-4 carried one external bomb rack with the rest of the bombs in one half of the internal bomb bay, others suggest it used two external bomb racks.


The E-5 was similar to the E-4 but with an extra 220 gallon fuel tank in one half of the internal bomb bay.

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