Heinkel He 111G

The He 111G represented a final attempt to sell the He 111 as a commercial airliner. It used a straight edged wing, similar to that adopted on later military He 111s, making it easier to produce that the curved wing of the He 111C. Two prototype aircraft, powered by the 660hp BMW VI 6.0 engine were produced during 1937 (G-01 and G-02), and were used by Lufthansa, as were two He 111G-3s produced using more powerful BMW engines.

Five He 111G-4s were built using 900hp Daimler-Benz DB 600G engines, with one being used by the deputy commander of the Luftwaffe, Field Marshal Erhard Milch. Finally four He 111G-5s powered by DB 700Ga engines were produced and sold to Turkey in 1938. Those He 111Gs remaining in private hands in Germany at the start of the Second World War were impressed into the Luftwaffe.

Heinkel He 111, Ron Mackay (Crowood Aviation). A comprehensive look at one of the most famous German aircraft of the Second World War, taking us through its pre-war development, its time as the Luftwaffe's most important bomber early in the war, to its long decline and the eventual collapse of the German bomber force.[see more]
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