Amiot 350

The Amiot 350 was one of a number of variants on the Amiot 351/354 twin-engined bomber that were designed in an attempt to use as many different engine types as possible. The Amiot 350 was to be powered by two 920hp Hispano-Suiza 12Y28/29 12-cylinder liquid-cooled inline engines. The first production contract for any entry in the Amiot 351/354 family was for 20 Amiot 350 B4s, placed in 1938 and with deliveries to be completed by 1 April 1939. Three weeks later 100 Amiot 351 B4s were added to this order, but problems developed with the Gnône & Rhône engines allocated to the Amiot 351, and the contract was altered to one for 45 Amiot 350s and 75 Amiot 351s.

This was as near to production as the Amiot 350 would get. In January 1939, when a second production contract was being placed, it had become clear that production of the Hispano-Suiza inline engines was running well being schedule, and it was decided to allocate all available engines to fighter production. The first production contract was altered again, this time to one for 60 Amiot 351s and 60 Amiot 353s, and all work on the Amiot 350 came to an end (560 Amiot 352s, to be powered by the 1,100hp Hispano-Suiza 12Y50/51 engines, were ordered on 1 December 1939, but once again this type didn't enter production).

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