Amiot 353

The Amiot 353 was a version of the Amiot 351/354 twin engined bomber that would have been powered by two 1,030hp Rolls-Royce Merlin III liquid-cooled inline engines. It was developed as part of an effort to use as many different types of engines as possible in the Amiot 350 family. Sixty were ordered in the third modification of the first production contract at the start of 1939, and another one hundred Amiot 353s were ordered as part of the second production contract for the Amiot bomber, placed in January 1939, and this order remained in place when the contracts were modified on 1 December 1939. After this the Amiot 353 fades away, and none were actually produced, although one prototype of the Rolls-Royce powered Amiot 356 was completed and made its maiden flight in June 1940.

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