Amiot 352

The Amiot 352 was a version of the Amiot 351/354 twin engined bomber that was to have been powered by two 1,100hp Hispano-Suiza 12Y50/51 liquid-cooled inline engines. It was the second member of the family to use the Hispano-Suiza engines, after the Amiot 350, which was to have been powered by 920hp 12Y28/29 engines.

The Amiot 350 featured in the first production contract of 1938, but by January 1939 a shortage of Hispano-Suiza engines meant that the order was cancelled. No Hispano-Suiza powered Amiots were on order for most of 1939, but on 1 December 1939 the French Air Ministry modified all of the production contracts. A total of 880 Amiot bombers were now ordered, and 560 of them were to be Amiot 352s. It is not clear if any of these aircraft were actually produced. The only members of the family to actually enter service were the Amiot 351 and Amiot 354, both powered by Gnôme & Rhône radial engines

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