Weapons of the Second World War

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Cruiser Tank, Sentinel AC I (Australia)
Cruiser Tank, Sentinel AC II (Australia)
Cruiser Tank, Sentinel AC III (Australia)
Cruiser Tank, Sentinel AC IV (Australia)
Sentinel AC I, Cruiser Tank (Australia)
Sentinel AC II, Cruiser Tank (Australia)
Sentinel AC III, Cruiser Tank (Australia)
Sentinel AC IV, Cruiser Tank (Australia)


20mm quad AA Tank, Skink (Canada)
Cruiser Tank, Grizzly Mk I (Canada)
Cruiser Tank, Ram Mk I (Canada)
Cruiser Tank, Ram Mk II (Canada)
Fox Armoured Car (Canada)
Grizzly Mk I, Cruiser Tank (Canada)
Lynx Scout Car (Canada)
Niagara, HMCS/ USS Thatcher, USS (DD-162) (Canada)
Ram Mk I, Cruiser Tank (Canada)
Ram Mk II, Cruiser Tank (Canada)
St. Clair, HMCS/ USS Williams (DD-108) (Canada)
Sexton Tracked Self-Propelled 25 pounder (Canada)
Skink, 20mm quad AA Tank (Canada)
Tracked Self-Propelled 25 pounder, Sexton (Canada)


Bartel M.4 (BM 4) (Poland)
Lublin R-XIII (Poland)
Lublin R-XVI (Poland)
L.W.S.4 Zubr (P.Z.L.30)/ / L.W.S.6 Zubr (Poland)
P.W.S.26 (Poland)
P.W.S.33 Wyzel (Pointer) (Poland)
P.W.S.35 Ogar (Hound) (Poland)
P.Z.L. P.7 (Poland)
P.Z.L. P.11 (Poland)
P.Z.L. P.23 Karas (Poland)
P.Z.L. P.24 (Various)
P.Z.L. P.37 Los (Elk) (Poland)
P.Z.L. P.38 Wilk (Wolf)
P.Z.L. P.42 (Poland)
P.Z.L. P.43 Karas (Crucian-carp) (Bulgaria/ Poland)
P.Z.L. P.45 Sokol (Falcon) (Poland)
P.Z.L. P.46 Sum (Sheat-fish) (Poland)
P.Z.L. P.48 Lampart (Leopard) (Poland)
P.Z.L. P.50 Jastrzab (Hawk) (Poland)
RWD 8 (Poland)
RWD 14 Czapla (Heron) (Poland)
RWD 17 (Poland)
RWD 22 (Poland)
RWD 25 Sokol (Falcon)


Curtiss-Wright CW-21 Demon (Dutch East Indies)
Curtiss-Wright CW-22/ Curtiss SNC Falcon (Dutch East Indies)
F & W C 3605 Schlepp target-tug (Switzerland)
Fokker T.VIII-W (Holland)
Marmon-Herrington Armoured Car (South Africa)
MÁVAG Héja II (Hungary)
Morane-Saulnier Mörkö (Finland)
Northrop N-3PB floatplane patrol-bomber (Norway)