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Weapons, Armies, Types of Ships & Units

A Class Destroyers (1912)
Abercrombie class monitors
Acasta class destroyers
Active class scout cruisers
Adventure class scout cruisers
Aircraft Carriers, British, First World War
Aircraft Designations of the Second World War: US Navy
Alaska Class Cruisers
Apollo class second class cruisers
Arethusa class light cruisers
Arrogant class second class cruisers
Astraea class light cruisers
Atlanta Class Cruisers
B Class Destroyers (1912)
Bagley Class Destroyers
Bainbridge Class Destroyers
Baltimore Class Heavy Cruisers
Battleship Classes, British, First World War
Battleship Classes, German, First World War
Bayern class battleships
Beagle Class Destroyers/ G Class Destroyer (1909)
Bellerophon class battleships
Benham Class Destroyers
Birkenhead class light cruisers
Birmingham class light cruisers
Blonde class scout cruisers
Boadicea class scout cruisers
Brandenburg class battleships
Braunschweig class
Bristol Class light cruisers
Brooklyn Class Cruisers
C Class Destroyers (1912)
Caldwell Class Destroyers
Calliope class light cruisers
Cambrian class light cruisers
Canopus class battleships
Caroline class light cruisers
Cassin Class Destroyers
Centaur class light cruisers
Challenger class second class cruisers
Chatham class light cruisers
Chitose class aircraft carriers
Clemson Class Destroyers
Cleveland Class Light Cruisers
Colorado Class battleships
Colossus class battleships
'County' Class Destroyer
Cressy Class first class armoured cruisers
Cruiser Classes, British, First World War
Cruiser Classes, German, First World War
D Class Destroyers (1912)
Delaware class battleships
Derfflinger class battlecruisers
Deutschland class battleships
Devonshire Class first class armoured cruisers
Diadem Class first class protected cruisers
Drake Class first class armoured cruisers
Dresden class light cruisers
Duke of Edinburgh class first class cruisers
Duncan class of battleships
Dunlap Class Destroyers
E Class Destroyers (1912)/ River Class Destroyers
Eclipse class second class cruisers
Edgar Class first class protected cruisers
Fargo Class light cruisers
Farragut Class Destroyers
Florida class battleships
Formidable class pre-dreadnought battleships
Forward class scout cruisers
G Class Destroyer (1909)/ Beagle Class Destroyers
'G' Class Fleet Destroyer
Gem class third class cruisers
Gorgon class monitors
Graudenz class light cruisers
Gridley Class Destroyers
Gunboat, Napoleonic, Royal Navy
Helgoland class battleships
Hersir, Viking
Highflyer class second class cruisers
Hopkins Class Destroyers
Horizon Common New Generation Frigate
Horizon: The Common New Generation Frigate (Longer article)
Humber class monitors
Indefatigable class battlecruisers
Invincible Class Aircraft Carrier
Invincible class battlecruisers
Iowa class battleships
Iron Duke class battleships
Junker JU 87, Stuka
Junyo class aircraft carriers
Kaiser class pre-dreadnought battleships
Kaiser class dreadnought battleships
Karlsruhe class light cruisers
King Edward VII class battleships
King George V class battleships
Kolberg class light cruisers
König class battleships
Königsberg class light cruisers
Landing Craft, Personnel (Large) (LCP(L))
Landing Craft, Personnel (Ramp) (LCP(R))
Landing Craft, Vehicle, Personnel (LCVP)
Lawrence Class Destroyers
Leander class frigate (Type 12M)
Lexington class battlecruisers
Lion class battlecruisers
London class pre-dreadnought battleships
Lord Clive class monitors
Lord Nelson class battleships
M Class destroyers (1914)
Mackensen class battlecruisers
Magdeburg class of light cruisers
Mahan Class Destroyers
Majestic class pre-dreadnought battleships
Marshal Soult class monitors
Minotaur Class first class armoured cruisers
Moltke class battlecruisers
Moltke, SMS
Monaghan Class Destroyers
Monitor Classes, British, First World War
Monmouth Class first class armoured cruisers
Montana Class Battleships
Nassau class battleships
Naval Infantry, Russian (Longer article)
Nevada class battleships
New Mexico class battleships
New Orleans Class Cruisers
New York class battleships
New York, USS (BB 34)
NFR90 Frigate
North Carolina class battleships
Northampton class heavy cruisers
O'Brien Class Destroyers
Omaha Class Cruisers
Orion class battleships
Pathfinder class scout cruisers
Paul Jones Class Destroyers
Paulding Class Destroyers
Pelorus class third class cruisers
Pennsylvania class battleships
Pensacola Class Cruisers
Pillau class light cruisers
Porter Class Destroyers
Portland class heavy cruisers
Powerful Class first class protected cruisers
Prinz Adalbert class heavy cruisers
Queen Elizabeth class battleships
River Class Destroyers/ E Class Destroyers (1912)
Roon class heavy cruisers
Ruler class escort carriers (UK)
St. Vincent class battleships
Sampson Class Destroyers
Scharnhorst class heavy cruisers
Sea Fencibles
Sentinel class scout cruisers
Ship of the Line (Napoleonic)
Shokaku class aircraft carriers
Sims Class Destroyers
Smith Class Destroyers
Somers Class Destroyers
South Carolina Class battleships
South Dakota class battleships, first
South Dakota class battleships, second
Stuka, Junker JU 87
Swiftsure class battleships
Taiyo class aircraft carriers
Tennessee class battleships
Texas, USS (BB 35)
Tribal Class Destroyer (1905)
Truxtun Class Destroyers
Tucker Class Destroyers
Type 12M ('Leander' class) Frigate
Type 21 (Amazon Class) Frigate (UK)
Type 22 (Broadsword Class) Frigate (UK)
Type 23 (Duke Class) Frigate (UK)
Type 42 Destroyer (UK)
Type 45 Destroyer (UK)
Type 81 (Tribal Class) Frigate (UK)
Type 82 Destroyer
Unryo class aircraft carriers
US Navy Aircraft Designations of the Second World War
von der Tann, SMS
Warrior Class first class armoured cruisers
Weymouth Class light cruisers
Wickes Class Destroyers
Wittelsbach class battleships
Wyoming class battleships