Blonde class scout cruisers

The Blonde class scout cruisers were improved versions of the Boadicea class, built at the same dockyard in Pembroke. They were slightly bigger ships – 6 inches wider, 50 tonnes heavier and half a knot slower, and were armed with 10 4in guns. Like the earlier ships they carried two guns in front of the bridge and two on the centre line towards the rear of the ship, along with three on each side. This layout was later adopted for the Boadicea class ships.

HMS Blonde from the right
HMS Blonde from the right

Like the earlier ships the Blonde class scout cruisers were too slow to perform their original duties. By the time they were completed the majority of new destroyers could reach at least 27 knots, making then two and a half knots quicker than the ships meant to lead them.

Both the Blonde and the Blanche began their service careers with destroy flotillas, Blonde as senior officers ship for the 7th Flotilla and Blanche with the 1st Destroyer Flotilla. During the First World War they served with the Grand Fleet, and Blanche was present at Jutland. By the end of the war they had both been converted to minelayers.

Displacement (loaded)


Top Speed


Armour – deck


 - conning tower





Ten 4in 50 calibre Mk VIII guns
Four 3pdr guns
Two 21in deck mounted torpedo tubes, port and starboard

Crew complement






Ships in class

HMS Blonde
HMS Blanche

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