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Franco-Austrian War of 1809/ War of the Fifth Coalition (1809)
First Coalition, War of the (1793-97)
Fourth Coalition, War of the (1806-1807)
Napoleonic Wars (1799-1815)
Peninsular War (1807-14)


Andalusia, French invasion of, January-February 1810
Barrosa Campaign, February-March 1811
Egypt, French invasion of, 1798-1802
Estremadura, Marshal Victor's invasion of, March 1809
Estremadura, Marshal Soult's invasion of, January-March 1811
Estremadura, Beresford’s campaign in, March-May 1811
First Coalition, War of the: Rhine and German Fronts
French Campaign of 1814
Fuentos de Oñoro, campaign of, April-May 1811
Liberation, War of, 1813 (Germany)
Marengo Campaign, May-14 June 1800
Medellin Campaign , March 1809
Napoleon's Campaign in Italy, 1796-97
Napoleon's Russian Campaign of 1812
Peninsular War, First French Army of Spain, Spring-Summer 1808
Portugal, Junot’s invasion of, November 1807
Portugal, Marshal Soult’s Invasion of, 1809
Portugal, Wellesley’s Campaign in, 22 April-19 May 1809
Portugal, Masséna’s invasion of, September 1810-March 1811
Russian, Napoleon's Campaign of 1812
Spain, French invasion of, February-May 1808
Spanish Junta's Autumn Campaign, October-November 1809
Talavera Campaign, June-August 1809
Valencia, French invasion of, September 1811-January 1812
War of Liberation, 1813 (Germany)


Alessandria, convention of, 15 June 1800
Amiens, Peace of; 27th March 1802
Basel, Treaty of; 16th May 1795
Bologna, Peace of, 23 June 1796
Campo Fornio, Treaty of, 17th October 1797
Chaumont, Treaty of ; 9th March 1814
Cherasco, Armistice of, 28 April 1796
Cintra, Convention of 22nd August 1808
Florence, treaty of, 28 March 1801
Fredrikshavn, Treaty of
Kalisch, Convention of, 28 February 1813
Leoban, Peace of; 18th April 1797
Lunéville, peace of, 9 February 1801
Pleischwitz, Armistice of, 2 June 1813
Potsdam, Treaty of, 3 November 1805
Reichenbach, Convention of, 27 June 1813
Ried, Treaty of, 8 October 1813
Schönbrünn or Vienna, Convention of, 15 December 1805
Schonbrunn, treaty of; 14th October 1809
Steyer, armistice of, 25 December 1800
Tauroggen, Convention of, 30 December 1812
Teplitz, Treaty of, 9 September 1813
Tilsit, treaties of, 7 and 9 July 1807
Tolentino, Peace of, 19 February 1797
Trachenberg Plan, 12 July 1813
Valencay, Treaty of ; 11th December 1813
Wereloe, Treaty of ; 15th August 1790
Znaim, Armistice of; 12th July 1809

Weapons, Armies & Units

Armour, Napoleonic
Artillery, Napoleonic
Baker Rifle
Bavarian Army, Napoleonic Wars
Brown Bess Musket
Carbine, Napoleonic
Congreve Rockets
Cossacks, Napoleonic
Cuirassier, Napoleonic
Hussar (Napoleonic)
Gunboat, Napoleonic, Royal Navy
Lancers, Napoleonic
Marshals of France, Napoleon's
Napoleonic Wars, Finland in
Rifle, Napoleonic
Sabre, Napoleonic
Sea Fencibles
Ship of the Line (Napoleonic)
Torres Vedras, Lines of


Calendar, French Republican
Continental System
Demi-Brigade, French army unit (from 1792)
Flag, Flying or Raising


Europe in 1812


Baker Rifle, 1806
Napoleon I, Portrait of
Waterloo, battle of, extract from painting by Felix Philippoteaux

Book Reviews

Bukhari, Emir, Napoleon's Marshals
Castle, Ian, EggMuhl, 1809
Clowes, Sir William Laird, The Royal Navy, vol IV.
Doyle, William, Oxford History of the French Revolution
Fletcher, Ian, Vittoria 1813
Haythornthwaite, Philip, Napoleon's Commanders: Vol 1
Haythornthwaite, Philip, Napoleon's Commanders: Vol 2
Lavery, Brian, Nelson's Navy