Armistice of Steyer, 25 December 1800

The armistice of Steyer of 25 December 1800 ended the fighting in the Revolutionary Wars. A first attempt to make peace had been made after Napoleon’s victory at Marengo (14 June 1800), starting with the Convention of Alessandria of 15 June. Negotiations between France and Austria eventually broke because of the Austrian insistence that their British allies be included – the Austrians had accepted a British subsidy and agreed not to make a separate peace before 1 February 1801.

Fighting broke out in Italy and in Germany. The Austrian forces in Germany were decisively defeated at Hohenlinden on 2 December 1800, and Austria was forced to sue for peace. General Moreau, the French commander in Germany, agreed to the armistice of Steyer on 25 December 1800. Austria was forced to agree to negotiate without Britain. The resulting Peace of Lunéville was much harsher than the terms that had been on offer after Marengo. Austria was forced to surrender most of northern Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg and all German territory west of the Rhine.

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