24 July 1943


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War in the Air

Eighth Air Force Heavy Bomber Mission No. 75: 309 aircraft sent to attack industrial targets in Heroya. 167 hit the primary target, 41 attack the U-boat yard at Trondheim. One aircraft lost.

RAF Bomber Command uses "Window", tinfoil strips that disrupt German radar, during the first big raid of the "battle of Hamburg" (night of 24/25 July). An estimated 45,000 people are killed during the six big raids that make up the battle (four RAF and two USAAF).


The King of Italy is invited to take command of the Italian Armed Forces, the first step in the fall of Mussolini

War at Sea

German submarine U-622 sunk at Trondheim

German submarine U-459 sunk off Cape Ortegal

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 Inferno: The Devastation of Hamburg, 1943, Keith Lowe. Quite possibly the best book yet written on the Allied bombing campaign against Germany, Lowe examines the week-long attack on Hamburg in July 1943 from the point of view of the bomber pilots, the German night fighter pilots and the citizens of Hamburg. A brilliantly researched and written account of one of the more somber periods in European History. [see more]
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