Avro Lancaster Mk X

The Lancaster Mk X was largely produced in Canada using Packard Merlin engines. Otherwise the Mk X was very similar to the Mk III. Early Mk Xs used the Packard Merlin 38, before moving to the Merlin 224. 430 Mk Xs were delivered between September 1943 and March 1945.

Lancaster X FM213 in Flight
Lancaster X FM213 in Flight

The majority of work on the Mk X was done in Canada. However, it made no sense to ship gun turrets across the Atlantic, just to fly them back, and so each Mk X was flown to Britain, where the gun turrets were added. Extra equipment, such as H2S radar, was normally added at Group level.

Rather fittingly the Mk X was used by No. 6 (Canadian) Group as it converted from the Halifax. In May 1945 the surviving Mk Xs returned to Canada, in preparation for the expected invasion of Japan. The Mk X (later Mk 10) remained in RCAF service for twenty years, serving in a variety of roles including search and rescue, reconnaissance, and jet engine research.

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