The Avro Lancaster, Manchester and Lincoln, Richard A. Franks

The Avro Lancaster Manchester and Lincoln, Richard A. Franks

A Comprehensive Guide for the Modeller

This is a comprehensive guide to the entire Lancaster family, starting with the twin engined Manchester, running through the Lancaster itself and on to the Lincoln, developed as its replacement, never really needed. The book falls into three very different sections. Part one is a concise operational history of the Lancaster, Manchester and Lincoln. This goes well beyond the normal account of the Bomber Command years to look at Malaya, Kenya and Aden.

Part two is modelllers guide. This begins by reviewing the existing model kits (current up to 2000). It then moves on to look at each version of the Lancaster, providing a clear diagram showing the distinctive features of each version of the aircraft. This is followed by a chapter looking in detail at each part of the Lancaster, inside and out.

The third part of the book is made up by a large section of detailed appendices. These cover (amongst other things) the development history of the Merlin engine, a summary of every varient of the Manchester, Lancaster and Lincoln, a detailed list of the squadrons that used the aircraft, a breakdown of production figures and a good bibliography.

This is an invaluable reference work for anyone who is interested in the Avro bombers.

Part One - A Concise History
The Manchester
From Manchester to Lancaster
Special Operations
Test Beds
The Lincoln
The Lancaster & Lincoln in Argentina
Post-War Service
Civvy Street

Part Two - Modelling the Manchester, Lancaster and Lincoln
The Basics
Understanding the Subject
Building the Lancaster
Camouflage and Markings

Author: Richard A. Franks
Edition: Paperback
Pages: 180
Publisher: SAM Publications
Year: 2000

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